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Photos from Enthronement at Gyü-me Monastery, April 2009

[September 2011] 

Here is the latest info about Kuzho Lama, Geshe Tashi Tsering's activities over the next few months, from his long-term attendant, Tshering.

The big news is that Kuzho Lama's 'Enthronement' as the Abbot of Gyü-me Monastic University is set to go ahead on November 2nd, 2011, only a few weeks away. This is the next step in his progress toward becoming the 'Holder of the Throne of Ganden' (Gan-den Tri-pa), the head of the 'Gelug-pa' order.

This is a really big deal!  The ceremony will fill the entire day, with grand processions, several assemblies of all the monks and many offerings.  I am very excited to be going to India to attend, along with a few of Kuzho Lama's other students from Chenrezig Institute and Brisbane. Many of Kuzho Lama's old friends and students from Sera Je Monastery will also be there to honour Kuzho Lama and rejoice in his success.

Those of us who are lucky enough to be there will get photos of the 'big day' up on the website as soon as possible, so that you can share in the joy and grandeur of the occasion. Just to give you an idea, the photos to the left here were taken during Kuzho Lama's enthronement as 'Lama Um-dze' (kind of Vice Abbot) in April 2009, but they give only a slight idea of the ceremony which will attend his Enthronment as Abbot.

Along with his new position comes a new title - 'Khen Rinpoche'.  So just when we were getting used to calling him 'Kuzho Lama' instead of 'Geshe-la' we have to get used to something new!  But he will always remain, of course, our beloved Geshe-la.

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After becoming Abbot, Kuzho Lama will give a series of teachings at Gyü-me Monastery traditionally given every year by the Abbot. Following this he will make a brief visit to Brisbane before returning to India in time for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Gyü-me in early December. 

Kuzho Lama will arrive in Brisbane - as Khen Rinpoche! - on the evening of Thursday, November 17th, which happens to be the holy day known as 'Descent from Tushita Day'.  Very auspicious!

With so much happening for him on either side of this quick trip, there are no plans for any teachings while he's here.  We are hoping to have some kind of celebration get-together in Brisbane to honour our beloved teacher, so at least you might get an opportunity to see him. 

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